Justin Hayward discusses his favorite venue and city to perform

The Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. It was designed really well with intricate sound damping and absorption on the walls that allows the music to fill the building without any strange 'slap back' or unpleasant reverberations. It always sounds 'sweet' in that big room that they call the Black Box, and I get quite emotional singing and playing in such a lovely venue (the dressing rooms are pretty good too - and the crew always love it, as they have an easy load in and load out). I did it with The War Of The Worlds and we had some great shows. Most of the other artists in the cast had never played it before but loved the whole experience. I read that no other venue has been nominated multiple times for the Pollstar Award as 'Best International Music Venue'. Amsterdam is such a great city anyway and right from the beginning the Dutch have been wonderful supporters of the band. We have had some fabulous times there and I personally would always jump at an opportunity to return. Of course there are fabulous, historic and legendary venues all over the World, but I would have to say that the US is still leading other countries by a mile for sheer class, style and diversity of brilliant gigs. We are lucky to have played so many of the great ones over the years.