Justin Hayward talks about the guitars he takes on tour.

Now I tour with my Cherry Red Gibson 335, a Sunburst ’59 re-issue Gibson 335, my original 1965 Telecaster, and a white Squire Stratocaster. I have a few acoustic guitars on the road at any one time. With the Moodies I carry my original Collings, a beautiful James Olsen, a black Guild from the 90’s and my Guild 12 string (which, when I took it out of it’s case one day, had mysteriously developed hundreds of hairline cracks all over the front of the guitar – probably from severe temperature changes in a truck). I also carry a PRS acoustic, but I haven’t found a song for it to play yet. On my solo tour I brought out my ‘home’ Collings, my Taylor 12 string and my Tom Anderson electric as well as all the above. My 1955 Martin D28 almost made it (it did do the Blue Jays tour in 1975) but at the last minute I decided it would be happiest at home or in the studio with Alberto. If I could choose only one guitar to be with me it would be my cherry red Gibson 335. It’s been with me so long, it always delivers and I love it so much.